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  • I purchased a small container of the Healing Salve a couple weeks ago and am extremely pleased with it. After visiting a dermatologist for a year and being prescribed different lotions every time, the Healing Salve is the only thing I've tried that actually has made my hands better. Plus, I can use it at work because it soaks in and doesn't make my hands greasy (I work at a library). Kate 
  • Recently, my father bought a bar of your dog soap to try on our 5 dogs. I own and operate a pet sitting and pet nail trim service. I did try the bar on one of our dogs and love it! Seems to work great in the wintertime when the dogs have drier skin.  Kelli T.
  • Do you still have more of the pumpkin flavored lip balm? I love the subtle flavor and my lips feel great and stay moist! No dryness since I started using it. The Healing Salve has healed the excel on my face and arm. It also has helped with really dry skin patches and with small scratches and sores! I am so glad that I tried your products! I am hooked now!   Karen K.  
  • This past fall, I met you at the farmer's market at Mainstrausse in Covington. I purchased a few of your soap pieces. I chose the Patchouli combination soap. My sister, who gets eaten by mosquitos, happened to get seventy mosquito bites a few days later. She used your soap and within two days, the bites were all gone! She was amazed - not even any scars were visible! Needless to say, I would like to order some more of your soap.  A. Butler 
  • I bought a can of salve from this company a few months ago and was using it to moisturize my dry hands. In January, I broke my wrist and had it in a cast for six weeks. At the end of the six weeks my hand and arm were very dry and looked like they were shedding. I rubbed some of the salve on it every time I thought about it and in only about two weeks my hand and arm weren't dry any longer. Mary A.
  • I wanted to touch base with you on your Healing Salve. I was so hoping that it would be what it is... I bought some for my horrible elbows that are constantly cracked, dry, and often bleed some and hurt... just within this first 24 hour period, MY ELBOWS ARE ALREADY 75% HEALED UP, I LOVE IT! I am now interested in your lye soap. Carl L.
  • Until about two weeks ago I had severely cracked feet. I'm talking gaps in the cracks that would not heal with anything I tried. After trying the salve 1 night on 1 foot (so I could compare), there was a dramatic difference between the two feet. Since then, I've been using it morning and night on both feet... so I'm a believer. Kyra
  • I am so delighted to share with you how grateful I am over having been given a gift of your Healing Salve. While recuperating from adverse reactions to medication, my right foot and knee became so inflamed that I was unable to walk on it for three and half months. I began massaging the salve on my very sore foot at night and noticed by morning much of the soreness had softened. It not only helped relieve much of the soreness, but made my rough skin much softer. What woman doesn't like for her skin to be soft?I I am sold on this product and never want to be without it. Mary B.
  • Before I used your amazing Healing Salve, my elbow felt like sand paper. I was surprised when I found that the Healing Salve soothed my irritated skin instead of stinging it. After only three days of using your product, my elbow started to smooth out, the color returned to normal, and the irritation was gone. Savannah O.
  •  I just wanted to let you know that my family and I love the Healing Salve. I use it for the calluses on my elbows and feet. I also use it on my hands, especially the cuticles. My husband uses it on his hands, especially in the winter. My son uses it on his hands for this chaffing he gets really bad. Thank you for a great product that really works wonders.  Susie